What’s the Good Word for 1:1?

With a semester of the 2015-16 school year over, I asked the teachers last week for their one or more favorite things about having a 1:1 iPad program for their students. Here are the quotes from various teachers between grades 1 through 5:

“I like that all students can be engaged at the same time and held accountable for their participation and learning. ”

“In my opinion, 1 to 1 iPads allows the teacher to assess the students.  Secondly the students get a variety of choices to work with when they have their own iPad that is loaded with Apps that we teachers want them to use. Third it builds accountability and responsibility.  Fourth learning is more enjoyable. For example students do programming without knowing that they are building logic skills. ”

“Making book creators for their Ohlone Reports, Day 1, and iMovie!”

“They are able to solve problems – find answers to their questions. Explain their understanding of concepts in several different ways. Be creative in many ways. Quick access to games that supplement classroom learning. Of course, constant access to Schoology, coding, Google Drive and camera is empowering. In addition to all the above, students are learning and practicing digital citizenship and caring for materials. ”

“The iPad is a huge resource for upper grades in doing research. It is a great tool for quick answers (dictionary, basic facts…). It is also valuable for documenting work using apps, camera, video, pages, Google.”

“Google translate, epic, RAZ.Some Schoology and some brain pop”

“I appreciate having 1:1 iPads because it helps differentiate instruction for students.”

“I like: that each student has access to an information, communication, and creation tool and That it can be used at home to still do school activities – I just had a post and a private message on Schoology about homework assignments”

Hurrah to the teachers for jumping in and utilizing tools effectively. I was listening to an Alan November keynote recently. One of the factors he emphasized on and which several of us are aware of, is the fact that students need to be able to self-assess. In several of the cases above, the self-assessment is built in with the way they are being utilized.

For many of these teachers it is their first year of implementing the 1:1 program. It can only get better each year!


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