The Brilliant Bees: iOS, Elections and the Logo

About a month into the work of the Brilliant Bees, we decided to close all calls for logos and voted for the group Logo (students had designed the logos on their iPads). Following is the winning entry:



The students were super excited about this and then asked if they could have T-shirts. We then voted for the color of the Tshirt. My homework is now to organize the printing and funding of the Tees.

iOS 9 was released last week. I decided that this week the assignment would comprise reading up about iOS 9. Following was their assignment:


Please read two materials from any one of the following sources  on iOS9 and respond to the discussion on your thoughts regarding the same. While reading, think about the questions and use these in your discussion responses.

1. What is iOS?

2. What are at least two features you like and what is something that is a problem with iOS9?

3. What would you do if you had to contribute to features in the next iOS release?

Pick any two sources to read from the following:


Not only was this an excellent discussion but this lead to students wanting to know more about other interesting websites and resources. So I now have a folder with all of these uploaded on their course in Schoology.

As a result the students have, unknowingly, started with non-fiction reading in an area that they can connect to really well and are learning the why of the devices they are using.

Our IT department will test out the iOS from their perspective in to give us the go-ahead to update to 9 in the context of school. In the meantime, the Brilliant Bees get to update their iPads as testers for the district, not just the school. They are obviously super-thrilled. The moment I said they had the privilege of updating it, they hit the update button!

However, having shown a great deal of responsibility this past month, and having had the second year of 1:1, I told them they had permission to supervise usage of the iPad with the younger students when they saw them in terms of appropriateness, not just themselves.

This week, the Brilliant Bees had another fun and responsible activity they were placed in charge of. Yesterday, we had Student Government Elections on our campus.

The Setup for Elections

The Setup for Elections

Voting was all electronic (a Google Form). We had decided to use the Maker Studio as the venue so that we could use all available computers and maintain shorter lines (all voting is done at lunch). Net result: The Brilliant Bees managed the computer setup, guiding the younger students through the voting, managed the lines, gave out the I voted stickers and helped clean up, all very quietly, responsibly and in a really mature way. It was amazing! As a reward, I gave them each a memory stick (one of the staff members had a whole bunch that her husband had received as freebies. They come nicely packaged in a box).

Students voting.

Students voting.

The students were not expecting anything so they felt all the more rewarded.

I only wish we had more time to do more….


2 thoughts on “The Brilliant Bees: iOS, Elections and the Logo

  1. Carolyn Tuomy says:

    What a fantastic voting experience for the kids! Love the “voting booths”!
    Here’s another possible resource for your Brilliant Bees. This site has lots of video tutorials on iPads and other Mac topics.
    Great job Smita!


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