The Brilliant Bees Session II

If you missed last week’s update, please read here to find out what The Brilliant Bees is all about. Today, there were three more students who showed up asking if they could join in even if they weren’t there last week. My mantra is not to turn away help, and never students. You never know whose life may be ruined for a long time to come or for a lifetime. They are too young and fragile. So they joined us. It was a super productive session.

The Brilliant Bees at work

The Brilliant Bees at work

As I had mentioned last week, we have a course registered on the district-supported LMS, Schoology. The assignment was put up. There were some questions as always, but it was: The directions are on Schoology… within minutes everyone was down to work and by the end of lunch, the iPads for one of the second grade classes were ready.

The Brilliant Bees at work

The Brilliant Bees at work

What exactly did the students do? One advantage of having 1:1 iPads is that students can be logged into their Schoology and their Google Drive accounts. At the beginning of the year, the 1st and 2nd graders are very young and the logging in process can take a while. What the classroom teachers at those grade levels and I decided was that for now lets have the iPads logged into the student accounts. A couple of months down the road, we can then train the students to practice logging and out of their accounts. If I had to sit and login to each of the 20+ iPads in every classroom it would take a really long time of course.

The Brilliant Bees at work

The Brilliant Bees at work

So, I created login cards for the 2nd grade students. The Brilliant Bees matched the iPads with the login information and logged into the iPads corresponding to the account. Again, these are students who have had 1:1 iPads the last year, used Schoology and Google Drive on the iPad the last year so they were very quick. Wednesday lunches are short, they need to go get their food and they were still able to  finish one class and do a few of the second. Hurrah to the Brilliant Bees for their help. They are more than giving back to the school at this rate.

Oh, and did I mention already in case the pictures don’t indicate that there are about an equal number of girls and boys which of course, makes me incredibly proud!


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